Generally not far from race site in the following hotels:
Hotel Val Venosta
Hotel accommodation has to be organized by each competitor. We have arranged bed and breakfast specials that will be valid until December 1, 2001 at the following hotels:

Hotel Edelweiß: (1-4 person rooms)
2 stars, sauna & swimmingpool
price: 23 for bed and breakfast
Tel.  0039/0473/633442
FAX 0039/0473/633142

Villa Claudia Augusta: (1-4 person rooms)
2 stars, sauna.
price: 23 Euro for bed and breakfast
Tel.  0039/0473/633160

Hotel Reschenscheideck: (1-2 person rooms)
2 stars
price: 27 to 30 for bed and breakfast
Tel.  0039/0473/633117

Seehotel Reschen: (1-4 person rooms)
3 stars, sauna & swimmingpool
price: 39 to 42 for bed and breakfast
Tel.  0039/0473/633118
FAX 0039/0473/633420

Please reserve accommodation as soon as possible, but before December 1,  2001  at the Tourismusverein St. Valentin (tourist agency)

Mr. Uli Stampfer:
Fax 0039/0473/634713
Phone 0039/0473/634603




Lunch: At the race site (by coupons).

Dinner: will be organized for everyone at the Hotel Edelweiß (10.- Euro per day).